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    ToJ Call of Duty Steam Group

    Opps in my haste I forgot to add my sig. Its stormchaser1981. Thanks again!
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    ToJ Call of Duty Steam Group

    I'm interested in an invite as well :)
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    What Mods do you have and what do they do?

    Kortak, is a good site to get mods but another that I would recommend would be To me it is a little more user friendly than curse but I guess I'm biased. In His Name, Beniah
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    A Little Praise

    Congrats man, thats awesome! Many blessings :)
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    Who am I, who are you?

    Hey ladies and gents, I figured I'd might start this thread in hopes of getting to know each and everyone you better. Being the new guy to this group, I already have heartfelt appreciation to the welcome I have garnered so far from those that I've met. Thanks for the goodies Madeline :)...
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    Confusing Post

    I would also have to agree with Jason, I think you (YJ) did the right thing while being in the position in which you as to explain the situation and I think you did it well. Labels are always looked down upon but this just goes to show how many people really don't understand God's character and...
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    Computer Woes

    Macro's Madeline, Could you make any suggestions about useful macros that you use on your Mage character? I'm always trying to redefine how I play my mage and anything that makes life less frustrating is always a plus when playing a game. I think a huge struggle for me is effective use of...
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    Computer Woes

    Not Me! Haha :D it took me awhile to understand what you meant by old Kortak, then I remembered lol! You said you we're in your thirties. Correct? My pastor had a funny way of putting it to his wife once she turned thirty-three. He said, "You realize your as old as Jesus was when he was...
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    Computer Woes

    Hey guys and gals, I'm hoping to be the newest member to MSC and I just want to say how much I've appreciated Kortak/Jason's introduction about the guild even though I was acquainted through ToJ he did lay the ground work. On to the topic: I must say I'm too lazy to worry about mods...