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    The Forgiven & Quality Wipes Flex Raiding in Patch 5.4!

    I would love to be there when I don't work nights... I have a 524 shaman (resto) and a 518 SHaman (ele)
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    Cross Realm Raiding

    The reason this doesn't work for the current tier is World and Realm firsts... I know it's silly, but that matters a lot to some people and so Blizz decided they wouldn't let it happen on the current tier. I can't remember where the blue post is for this, but we looked at it before the server...
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    Panda Epicureans: Actual level 90 values for Each stat

    right, but from a pure swing stand point. Pandas are the best. If I play a Pally, a panda is better because I can change the buff by that much just by what I eat. I think that's what they are saying, is the fact that a panda isn't forced to be 1 role as much as your NE and Human. In a ten...
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    BiS Fail PuG group...

    Fail Pug, just give me a number and a if you can what bosses they come from if you can!
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    Quality Wipes in DS

    Grats you all!!!!!
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    Questions about the Christian Gamers Alliance Mumble server

    ok, so I have the port and address right but it keeps saying: "Server connection failed: The remote host closed the connection. " What does that mean, and how do I get around it?
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    Rated Battlegrounds ... Forgiven style!

    I'll try to get geared for them... I would love to pvp, I just don't really know how.
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    Firelands Raid for another Legendary

    Joe, If I'm online, just assume I'm in!!!
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    intrest in Firelands

    fact, Joe is a fail mage... Just saying
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    Fail Pug Group - Essence of Destruction

    Death Scale leggings... Vern. The bracers are great for me too, but I can't find anyone that can make them.
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    Transmogrification runs anyone?

    Hey Eric, if I'm ever on and not raiding I'd love to come along and help you out!!!
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    Fail Pug Raid Group

    please be ready for 4.3 tonight!!!
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    diablo 3 scam

    thanks for the warning Rhys... however can you pull the links out of your post?? thanks!
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    Mike & Bob's Raid: LF a Healy Type (or Maybe Two) on 11/26

    let me figure out my weekend, then I'll let you know Bob, but you can pencil me in
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    Fail Pug Recruitment

    please feel free to chat with either of us with any questions or concerns you might have before saying that you're interrested or not!!!