Zombies, How long would you last?


How long do you think you could last a zombie outbreak with your current knowledge, skills and supplies. You can acquire knowledge, skills and supplies along the way. If have any zombie slaying tactics or survival knowledge feel free to share those too.
The zombies would be like the ones from The Walking Dead and Left for Dead's common infected. Fairly normal human capabilities..

They react to noise and sight, and smell.
Noises: soda can rolling, glass breaking, metal clanking, engine noises, guns shots, shouting, talking. So you have to whisper and walk quietly if zombies are nearby.
Smell:they can smell you within 10 feet, 100 feet if you're bleeding.
Sight:If they see you moving faster than a zombie they'll notice you, so walk slowly or run when they are far from you.
Zombies can't swim but they do float, so some might across a river accidentally that way. They can; run, walk, crawl, try to use ladders, bang on doors and break weak glass.

Infection would be from; zombie bite, zombie blood in a open wound, zombie blood in eyes or mouth.
Once a person is infected they would get very sick in 10 minutes, die in 1 hour and once dead they would reanimate in 1-3 minutes.

For info on how to slay a zombie check Spoiler.
Damaging or destroying the brain kills a zombie, decapitation works as well. Destroying or damaging joints would make that part of the zombie useless/less useful.

  • I think I could survive about 2 weeks with current weapons, supplies and knowledge.
  • About 2 months if I learn quick and get good with melee combat and gain better physical strength and stamina.
  • 5 months, During the winter I think I would be pretty safe since the zombies would freeze solid with the -20F to -40F temperature in Fairbanks.
Odd I just caved and bought a game called Project Zomboid 3 days ago and this pops up. I'm really, really not one for Zombie stuff but it was 8 bucks and I've been wanting a mindless single player game since my internet became rage inducing. Anyway it is exactly what your question is asking Gator a game about how long you can survive a zombie apocalypse. Though at the moment it's in alpha right now so it's really a game about how long you can survive the bugs XD. 1 month 7 days is my best until the hit detection got me XD.

In "reality" the zombie apocalypse would be no threat whatsoever it's just to easy to build something or go somewhere functionally zombie proof. Seriously fire pit + boombox = instant zombie disposal system, bomb shelters you can stay in for years and then modern military weapons are so far ahead of melee combat it wouldn't even be a contest. Of course I guess you aren't talking seriously so I'd probably survive until my glasses break at which point I'd try to shake hands with the next zombie I see thinking it's a survivor XD.
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There you go destroying my dreams of having my own forum thread. Again.. xD
What if no one presses the button for nukes or napalm. Just you and zombies, would you have the time to build something with walls, a garden and a water purification system? What about your psychological state of mind? But like you said, your glasses would be your weakness.:(
There you go destroying my dreams of having my own forum thread. Again.. xD
T_T :p

What if no one presses the button for nukes or napalm. Just you and zombies, would you have the time to build something with walls, a garden and a water purification system? What about your psychological state of mind? But like you said, your glasses would be your weakness.:(

I couldn't build diddly to survive even without zombies. Drop most people in the wilderness and they wouldn't know how to find necessities much less fend off hostiles at the same time. I'd have to rely on pre-built things. One of the downsides to technological advancement is people become increasingly interdependent. Knowledge is divided into increasingly more people the more there is to learn.

As far as psychological states it depends on if there are other people to survive for. Bringing people to Christ is pretty much our goal in life, no people no reason to exist. Assuming there are other people I'd probably be fine if I could help them. In fact I'd probably be happier with zombies. No lawyers, governments or never ending arguments you just smash some skulls, simple, elegant, straightforward and stress reliving. I mean the only skill set I have is a smattering of martial arts and I'd get to use it finally :p .
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Food and water are probably a bigger threat than the Zombies. Local food stores would be ravaged within hours or days. What was left would probably spoil (since the preserved stuff would the the first taken). Water processing plants would be offline forcing boiling to sanitize. Gas would most likely be difficult to procure so you are looking at wood fires. Of course, with the water turned off, sanitation becomes a terrible problem.

I live near the coast, so I would probably brave the zombie-infested city to get to the marina where I could find a small sailboat to practice technique before taking a larger sailboat (capable of being handled by myself). That almost completely solves the zombie problem. And with a near inexhaustible supply of seafood, food shouldn't be a problem. Water would be a bit more difficult but I could sail north to where it rains a bit more often or put ashore for water expeditions. Since I am out at sea (or at least off the coast), sanitation issues are reduced as well. Bad weather is not really a big issue here.

Ultimately, if I manage to get the boat and find enough water I expect my survival would be in the realm of months before I decided to venture ashore to look for real people and ended up dead.
Without Christ you are walking dead already, hence a zombie. So what do you do to protect yourself against all the zombies already around you?
Well from a scientific stand point a zombie invasion could never actually happen, for multiple reason.

1. They Have Too Many Natural Predators: I mean they're basically just a walking pile of meat so any
kind of bear or dog is going to be all over them in a matter of moments, not to mention bugs and bacteria.
I mean seriously if you kill something in a forest it's gone within three days max.

2. They Can't Take the Heat: They continue to rot after death, so just go ahead and throw a steak outside
during the middle of summer, see what happens. Their joints would fall apart, their skin would explode, they're dead.

3. They Can't Take the Cold: Every heard of freezer burn? Basically zombie attack in winter makes a zombie
Popsicle. Their joints stiffen, their skin falls off, they're dead.

4. Biting is a Terrible Way to Spread a Disease: For example rabies, has there ever been a time in history where a whole
city of dogs were all affected by rabies except for the few huddled in a basement somewhere? No? That's because it's not
a very clever virus. Besides we have the CDC and they tend not to mess around with new diseases that they know nothing
about, they ground entire airports just to keep something in one country. With zombies they don't even have to guess "Hey look
that guy is dead and biting people, shoot him in the head!"

5. They Can't Heal from Day to Day Damage: You know why you haven't died due to all the nasty bacteria and viruses in the world?
Because you have an immune system to help protect you. And your body heals from natural injuries such as cuts and bumps. Zombies
don't have such a luxury, and they're stupid, which means they're going to get cuts and bumps all over their bodies which they can't
recover from. Add in heat/cold and the natural predictors and well they're dead.

6. The Landscape is Full of Zombie-Proof Barriers: Going back to the fact that zombies are stupid they will run right off the edge of a cliff
not giving a care in the world. Forest they will walk into trees, stab themselves with branches, walk into a bears den. And if you live in a big
city the only thing you really need to do is lock yourself at the top of a build and throw stuff down at the zombies helping them to acquire more
cuts and bruises.

7. Weapons and the People Who Use Them: You know why they put a limit on the amount of things you can kill when hunting? Because people have
caused entire species of animals to go extant completely by mistake. You don't put a limit on the number of deer we can kill and there would be none left,
so no limit on how many zombies you can kill. Besides with zombies their one source of food is also the only way they can reproduce, it would be like having
to fight a lion every time you wanted to make a sandwich or have a child. Actually it's even worst then that because humans have guns that can kill from
over a mile away.

So given a "realistic" zombie survival I think I would make it all the way through. I would just lock my doors, board my windows, and watch very episode of 24
back to back, and then I would go rack the bodies off my lawn. Now a virus that causes people just to go bad and start killing like in 28 days later, one that is
air born, and seems to have no cure... yeah then I might panic a little.