Unpacking Nine-Eleven


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I ask you all afford me some folly to talk of my childhood. I have been realizing some things about such and I'm not sure if 9/11 was something that personally affected me deeply or not.

When I first heard of 9/11 I remember hearing another student talking to a teacher. We were, at that point, in secondary kindergarten, if the halls that we were normally in betray not our age. I don't know if it was 9/11 or days after. I just remember hearing those two, the student, saying that, "they," someone, destroyed buildings. I remember not much else from that moment.

Later, it was brought up at our childrens' service at church. I cannot remember positively, but it was maybe one to three years after. I remember the teacher telling us that "they" didn't like us. She very likely told us the basic, but nonetheless shocking, details. It's incredible to think of it retrospectively, even decades later.

What do we do now? It may be my psychiatrist, God bless him, but I've found good personal growth in praying for my enemies, especially the ones that have treated me bad. Also, and I haven't really done this perfectly, but apologizing for the things I've done wrong and thoroughly trying to balm the wound-- where appropriate, and again in the Lord's mercy-- seems to be helping as well, though slowly and humbly.

I guess I must confess a general sense of holding my countrymen and women, and our fighting forces, with a disregard that I wish I had not. God bless us. May He heal us, bring us to Him, and bring us greater prosperity to our land. The same be to our allies and those about us. I cannot, as one is likely to surmise, close this thought without mentioning our enemies. There is, of course, "a time to love and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace." In all things concerning the mutability of the sands of flesh, may the best man win; but concerning this Spirit most demanding, may all men find their way to the Father through Jesus his Son.

To "they" who have hated us, I forgive them, as much as it is in my small place to do so. Meanwhile, God bless those who keep me safe, close and far.

Thank you.