Tribe of Judah: Warcraft III clan

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Tek7 (Legacy)

CGA & ToJ President
From LionOfJudah:

[b said:
Quote[/b] ]Congratulations,

Today we have succesfully built our clan.  Sorry to everyone who missed it, just message LionofJudah for him to add you - our tag is ToJ.  For everyone else I ask that you log in regularly so that our clan will not become disbanded.

There are currently eleven members on the Azeroth server (channel op cga and Clan ToJ):

LionOfJudah : Chieftain

Bowser-a         |
Kryptonite17    |
Weoflun           |
ExoSlayer        |
endings           |   -- Peons
AtomiChaos     |
El JefFA           |
RevBillyBob     |
El_Jefe-sww-   |
Lion0fJudah     |

Click here to visit the ToJ information page on Azeroth.
Click here to visit the ToJ information page on Lordearon.

AtomiChaos is the Chieftain for the Lordearon server.  They meet in Op CGA on West.

Also, to reitterate, all ToJ functions and meetings will be in Clan ToJ
Such as internal tournies, also any weekly Bible studies we can get started. ( DoAC does this it would be really cool to do it on battle net too)

For regular use though i do ask that all memeber please even if idle sit in Op CGA as it is the offical" channel.

Once the probiation period is up i will be adding 5 shamans to the Useast clan, while Choas adds 5 to the USwest clan. these people will be able to also invite you into the clan.

Even if you only play warcraft III once a month, we still invite you to join. It is just an easy way for all ToJ memebers/friends to get together and play on Wc3

Visit the Warcraft III Chapter Forum for more information and to fellowship with other Christian Warcraft III players!
I usualy play a few times a week but to invite you we both must be online at the same time. If you would like to message me on aim or MSN I could invite you whenever we are both able to log on.
Aim BobbyRA0
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