Now I have encountered a situation which is I can't type fast enough. When I have the opportunity to witness a chapter in someones life goes by because I am slow!!! (hehehe plz I have taken typing like eons ago). I know I need to upgrade my cpu so what I would I have to buy if its possible, a mod that does voice to text and yet at the same time keep me in the middle of the games. Tiger direct seems to offer my best deal.Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!
i heard speech to text is really touchy, your gonna need perfect english.. and i heard an english accent helps too
I believe Windows comes with standard voice recognition software. It takes a bit of time to set up, and more for it to get it tuned to your voice but once you do its really nice. :)
Perfect english hehehehe hahahaha oh my so funny hehehe me perfect english u know I failed english so bad and my speaking english weeeell like thats another issue. hehehehe thx para n bluv'd this is a issue I must pursue.. For my own satisfaction but next does the mod take much cpu mem?