Reborn Moving to Faeblight Server!


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Dear Guildmates and friends.

Reborn has had a good run on Sunrest! Plenty of shard firsts, got to level 9 as a guild, and enjoyed lots of good times with friends here in Rift.

After several days of discussion the guild leadership for Reborn have decided to make some changes.

Plan of Action: We are going to move Reborn the guild to a PvE RP server named Faeblight. This will be more in line with our current attendance. Hard to play on a Hardcore PvP server in a very casual guild, this move may help facilitate more enjoyment on the part of all members as we will be able to do PvP in Battlegrounds and in select PvP rift areas (new with last patch). We had always hoped that Reborn would do well on PvP server due to our active top level members, but due to recent issues we have uncovered with the end game we felt it best to move the guild to a less stressful server.

All members of Reborn will be welcomed into the Faeblight guild all they have to do is transfer to the server (these are free transfers at this time). Once the guild is moved you will get a in game mail from the game telling you the steps you have to take to move to our server. If you have any questions about this please ask one of us we will be happy to help you.

Phase 2: One of the main issues with the end game content of Rift is the requirement of needing 10 + geared level 50’s, and due to this we have not been able to do any raids at the end game level. Due to this issue, we have decided, that after the move we will take our mains of level 50 and search for a family friendly guild who has enough membership to do the raids and end game content we have been missing out on. Once this guild is found, we will tell all our members what the name of the guild is so that others might join us if they would like.

We have also discussed the fact that we have all wanted to see the end game content but due to numbers have not been able to. To this point we have felt it almost required to do this transfer, and change. We still love all of the membership and friends we have in Reborn, and highly encourage you guys to return and join us, and for those of you who are still playing to transfer and enjoy the Reborn guild with us in a place with less gank minded deviants.

The guild Reborn will remain active for now on Faeblight. Our Alts will be placed as guild leaders as we attempt the endeavor of enjoying the end game content.

This transfer will benefit the lower level guys in our guild by giving them a safer place to level, and will also provide what we hope is a portal to a guild that has access to end game stuff. (This is not to say you will not be welcome in this new guild we join until level 50, we will have no control over their rules and regulations, this will be subject to the guild we join with, and as this guild will not be a ToJ member so we will not require you to join us there we will just make the information available to you should you wish to join us.)

Recent changes to Rift in this last patch has made this game more appealing and this is our attempt to breath new life into Rift and Reborn. For now we are going to attempt to Enjoy Rift as a game! Plus we would like to kill a Dragon .. hehe…

Any questions about this feel free to ask. If you need help finding out how to transfer and to get in Reborn or what ever guild we decide on please ask.

Thank you for making Reborn a sucess and God Bless you guys, look forward to playing with you some more!
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Well said.

With games like ToR, GW2, and D3 about to hit, I think this kind of move was inevitable or we would have watched the guild die a fast death.

For those that are still around and enjoying the game, please know that you are free to go where ever you like, we don't have any expectations as we know the guild has dwindled down to a very casual population.

Personally, I will be playing my alts more as I have some RL friends that just got into Rift and I enjoy leveling with them. We are not an inclusive group and will always be in TS3 while playing and ask if anyone wants to join us. We play every Tuesday night with some lowbies that we keep together.

For those with 50s that want to do end game progression with us, please stay in contact via the forums as we decide which guild we want our 50s in. We will let you know and we will create a reborn channel in the game so we can still chat with the guild when on our endgame toons.

Faeblight sounds like a great server with a high population and solid guilds. I know that some from Sunrest have already left for Fae so there will be some familiar faces around.

Take care and God bless!
Also after looking into rules for Guild transfer we have identified the need to clean out the guild bank of items, This will be done over the weekend as we auction out the items, this has already started. The money we get from doing this will be placed back in the guild bank and that money will be used to reequip the guild bank with really important items on Fae.

After doing some research this AM we have also found that prices on our server Sunrest are much higher then those on Faeblight. This means we will make a killing on some items.

Overall we hope to put plenty of pots and bags in guild bank for use for alts and any lower level members.

Any questions feel free to ask.

Thanks again for your understanding in this situation!

God Bless.
I moved over already. Waiting for more peeps to show up. :)
Ewok and I plan to move the guild over Monday or Tuesday to give people a chance to find out from the MOTD.

Really want to give people a chance to find out without getting shocked by logging in without a guild. BUT yes we will be moving everything and our toons over!

Ugh...PvP is why I play online games, and I just transferred some chars to Sunrest along with a friend. Probably I won't be movign to Faeblight. Does Rift let you copy instead of move? After several months was just now ready to start some level 50 stuff too...

Anyone recommend some good Massively Multiplayer PvP?
(Actually Rift battlegrounds are a bit small and too easily dominated by a pre-made.)

Aijalon / Constantyne
Sorry to disappoint brother, but we were fading away to nothing on Sunrest and there are just better opportunities for us on a PvE server.

The new RIFT PvP rifts sounds fun but I have not tried them yet.
I hear Darkfall is pretty solid pvp, Conan with siege engines is pretty awesome too.
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Why in the world are you moving to Faeblight? Why not move to Gnarlwood where a current PvE Christian guild exists? Icthyhs is whom I left to come here and play PvP. If you are going to team up with another family friendly guild, why not Ichthys?

PS - Sorry I am late coming to this discussion. Have been on vaca for the past week.
I don't think that was considered. Last I heard Ichthys was dying as we are. I'm not sure putting the 2 together would do anything more then just make dying off slower. Also Gnarlwood seems to be a low pop server that we don't know anything about, while Faeblight is a high pop server in our battlegroup so we know a bit more about the community there. Many guilds from Sunrest left for Faeblight so it seemed like a natural progression.

In the end, it seems that we are going to be closing down the guild anyways. No one has shown any interest in helping lead the guild. We have had a call out for new officers for a while and not had any bites. Since growing the guild is not looking like an option, there is little that holds the interest of the leadership we have left, other then progression in the end game. So we are going to join a healthy guild that has nightly progression events.

Reborn is now just an alt guild.

Sorry it didn't work out, we certainly had better hopes for it. If anyone wants to head to Icthyhs they are more than welcome too.
I still keep up with the forums over there. It might be a good idea to at least discuss with them the option of moving to Faeblight as well to join forces.

I think they were dying out but things seemed to be picking back up recently. At least it is worth a shout out to them. Especially since Bick is really kind of leading the group and there would probably be enough to be helpful in leadership to a combined guild.
Yeah I agree that SoS is a good fit so far. Super friendly and mature people that enjoy the game and playing together as a guild.
Ambryana and I have been watching the thread, and discussing what we want to do. I have two main questions at this point:

1) is SoS the guild that active people are joining into? If so, what are their requirements? (For example, Ambryana & I would probably be willing to join and play casually - PvP just wasn't for us... but we liked the game; we'd be willing to give it another shot)

2) How do I initiate a transfer? I didn't see anything on the trion account page that said anything about it. I'm still in the process of patching up, so it might be a while before I'm actually ready to make a move.
You transfer via the character select screen. It is right there alongside the "play" button. It takes 5 seconds to transfer...pretty cool technology. When you transfer you will be auto put back into Reborn. is the guild that we are playing with now. They have a charter and policies that must be agreed to in their application. If you apply with them, mention that you are from Reborn and know Mirakle and it will get special treatment.

2 things to expect about SoS.
1-They use mumble (like ventrillo but better) very actively. Guild chat is pretty light because most everyone is chilling in their mumble server while playing.
2-The guild is mostly 50s and starting to gear up and run the entry raids. I asked an officer and they are fine with people under 50 but know that there won't be a lot of grouping to run stuff under 50.
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Good to know. Because I'm guessing that if Ambry & I come back to Rift, it will be pretty casual for us. At least, it will be for me :)

Thanks for the quick reply!
We transferred our characters to Faeblight last night. I stopped playing because I was sick of the pvp environment. After a hard day at work I would be content running around relic hunting. I didn't have any desire to keep looking over my shoulder for enemies.

I'm very happy the guild decided to make this move!
We had 20 level 50's on the other night. To me that speaks volumes. Everyone has been great. Sure there is the occasional annoying person, but it's been very mature. Everyone also has been helpful and willing to jump in and help out. I'd encourage lvl 50 Reborn members to strongly consider Shield of Seraphs. HOWEVER SoS wants it members to be active while online. This means, that you are using the voice program (Mumble) and will jump into a raid when needed. In Reborn we had a problem with people not using TeamSpeak, that probably won't fly with SoS. You don't have to talk, but they want people on.

In summation, if you are level 50, interactive with others and care about progressing in the game, then SoS would be a great move. If you prefer to solo, not use voice chat and not do group activities even when everyone else is, then SoS is probably not for you.
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Anyone still play this game

I am a TOJ member and I am ooking for a Christian Rift guild. Do you guys still play?