Quality Wipes in DS

Last night was great progression and tons of fun. Thanks to Anita, Adam, and John Jr. for "subbing" and doing an uber job. See everyone on Monday!
Gratz folks!!! Sorry I couldn't make it, but I was at the dinner theatre with my wife seeing Singing in the Rain.
Just wondering if you got your healers for tonight...I sent a message off to you but am not sure what spot "in line" I was for subbing...I still don't have plans tonight so may try to log on before the run to see if you need me.
Hmm..a better offer came up..hubby is taking me out for dinner/date tonight..good luck!!
EXCELLENT RUN - we are now 7/8 in DS.

This coming Sat (Mar 24th) we are in need of two healers. Please shoot me a PM if you are interested. It will be a fresh DS run.
Hi Everyone,
We are in need of a Tank tonight (4/2) if anyone wants to join us in Dragon Soul. We are starting on The Spine of Deathwing and then off to Deathwing himself! Please post here if you are interested. :) (We start @ 7 server.)
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