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Has anyone found any good Priest PvP sights?

I am considering going back to shadow. I still enjoy instances, but don't do them much.

I probably need to get new PvP gear as well.
Not sure of any good sights but I am having a blast as a shadow priest on Cenarius. I am 41 and going to be a master seargent next week. I have to say I am rarely in shadow form. To much advantage in being a healer vs trying to do damage. Especially since I usually draw 2-3 of the attackers of a group.

Mind Control off of the Lumber Mill and mine cliffs is killer in the Arathi Basin 20-39 brackets. Te hee...
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This weekend, in Alterac Valley, I had the highest number of Honorable Kills (as Avesther). I kept my group alive and they all had HKs within 90% of mine. I only died 12 times during the entire battle. I don't think thats too bad at all as a disc\holy preist.
AV is different than AB.

AV is a great place for priest. We just throw out heals and rake in the HK's. But, I am playing AB for lag reasons. My video card cannot handle AV.
Doing AB more as a guild will make it better. But your teammates still need heals.

As for PvP gear:

I don't have any PvP gear from the PvP reward system. I do have a hand ful of +healing and +healing\damage gear. I can get my healing upto +500 (just over) with gear such as Robes of the Exhaulted (Baron), gear from Silithus quest rewards, and some random drops. Of course I loose nearly 3k in mana to wear it. Gotta love priest itemization.

The PvP reward gear is good for pvp, lots of stamina, fair intellect adds and good + healing\damge adds.

Icthus said:
Yes, the MC off the cliff is great, but it gets no HK's.

The trade off is in instances.

If the fall kills them you will get HKs from mind-controlling off the cliff. I do it all the time.

I will be at least Knight or Knight-Lieutenant today.
I think what the priest is saying to Youngin is more intresting than the video, but it was still pretty entertaining listening to the voide actine lol. Nice find Paracletos!
lol was funny. its wierd how there is a plank there in RR just waiting to be walked.

oh and a guild named communist pirates. thats awesome.

i was just thinking maybe we should change our guild name to something joesph stalin AND capt hook would be proud of.....
Communist Pirates, that .... just .... baffles me. The divergence and incompatability of idea's just is so ... mind bendingly awesome.
lol commnunist pirates..."lets loot and plunder so we can give it back to them evenly distributed!!"

Sounds like Robin Hood.