Oh man!


Tribe of Judah Minecraft Community Manager

Will buy when I can get it cheap...eventually. More interested in getting further into ESO than going back to Skyrim right now, though I confess the visual work is nice, and mod support on consoles is definitely exciting. :D
Play nice, boys. :p

For anyone curious, checking out "The Potato Masher" project is a good call on the potential power of even a budget gaming PC (guy built it for ~$350, and it is no slouch). That said, I have a computer that can do that, and I still bought a PS4 for a self-(and-wife-approved)-reward when I finished my first master's degree last month.

But that's not really the point of the thread. ;) PC users are getting whatever perks there are to the new edition--which may not be many over what they have already had--but it's still cool that it's coming at no additional charge to owners of all the DLC. And, even if PC could do it already, it's a super cool thing to see consoles, which historically were not geared toward such things, get the love of community-driven content by way of mod support.

Even if I'm in no rush to buy it myself, this is a good thing for all gamers. :D