No posts in this thread in almost a year?

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What's going on here?

It's madness, MADNESSS! :p but seriously I think a many of our regular WoW players left for the no monthly fee'ness of Guild Wars 2. I think there are some still active but I don't play either game so I don't know. I just greet people on the forums sometimes and with that...

Welcome to the CGA forums :) !


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It's a great time to return :) I've been playing since BC and I think this is my favorite expansion ever.


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The General WoW Discussion Forum was originally created when Tribe of Judah had two WoW guilds: Redeemed on the Alliance side and Mustard Seed Conspiracy on the Horde side. MSC has since disbanded, but this forum was left active. It would make sense to close it (but not delete it, so we could still view old threads), but I hadn't given it much thought until now.

And it always makes me a little sad to archive forums. :(