Music for CGA Convention


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We could always get the Fourty Odd Foot of Grunts to play for us. That should be interesting.


I just read through this...made me laugh.  I like Pillar.  But, as a side note, I must say that I agree that Crowder, Deyo, Tomlin, Hughes, Redman, Layzell,...are all cool songwriters but they are just human - like you and I.  Just so you also know that I am a worship leader that has led with some of these dudes <--ain't for fame, just speaking from experience).  God uses these blokes to communicate some awesome stuff through music but if our lives are not worship (Ro. 12:1) then our songs turn into useless wind.  hehe.  I am interested in how this conference is coming along for you guys and I will devote to pray for the event while it is occuring.  Bless you all for doing this! (BTW, as a side note, I am a worship pastor with Soul Survivor Canada) Soul Homepage
Everyone i;ve talked too can tolerate weird al! Haha...or not? *sniff*
I'll bring tha bawls, tom from the X-box Forum brings his whole radio station collection of music, and Cheyrl brings gaming pc's courtesy of progresssystemsinc!!


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I'm not a very active member of these forums, but I have been checking them out from time to time the past year or so. I live in Tulsa so I am going to come check it out. I talked to Tek7 the other of my really good friends is pillars road manager (Pillar is based out of Tulsa), I have talked to him before about having them perform at our church, and they won't play for under $5000.00 at least that is what I he told me the last time I talked to him about it. On the other hand, I am a part of a band at my church and we have been playing some places around town and it seems to be takeing off quite well. I am pretty sure they would come play this event if we wanted them to. Their name is 60 foot swell, and they have a few original songs and then cover a bunch of other stuff. Well anyway, just adding in that suggestion. Hope to meet some nice people at the event.


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Well sorry, I found out today that some of the band members and myself are going to be out of town the 28th and 29th, takeing the junior high kids from our church to an even called the "spiritual life retreat" Hope the event goes really well.


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since I dont feel like going through the entire thread I'll simply say it just incase it has been left unsaid



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casting crowns is awesome man. dude i wish i could make it. Hopefully next year i will be able to and i'll put in my two cents for bands, i say we rock it out!
(speaking of rocking it out, anybody fans of the late five iron frenzy, or like petra and stuff? Also the supertones rock/skank (ska) pretty well, and have a good worship show. Insyderz are sweetness too. But yeah of course ur best bet for the convention would be a band made up of members. That way u dont have to pay tons of moolah.
Next year if i can make it i'll play drums!