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Alright, so I MIGHT give this a try, despite my fear of it ruining my appreciation for Tolkien lore. The questions I have are these:

1. How active of a Kinship do we have? What server?
2. How quickly can I "catch up?" Starting WoW now is horrible because there are SO many players at the high-end of the game, low-level feels like it will never end. Do we have low-level players (active) in the Kinship?
3. I play WoW just fine on lower settings on my laptop. Integrated video card but it's a new Dell Inspiron. Has anyone experienced major graphics issues with LotRo, or should I be okay?

I'll standby. Looking forward to hearing from you all. :)
Tribe of Judah has yet to get a LotRO kinship off the ground. :(

There's a standing offer for any dedicated ToJ member to step up and lead a ToJ kinship, but no one's made it happen yet.

The offer still stands, though. :)
What server does everyone play on? I still have 12 days of the trial, been on Brandywine and Firefoot. I might buy this game too. :p

For number 3, my 8600 gt can run it on Ultra High (w/ 2 gigs ram -- 1.8ghz) while my brother's Dell laptop can play it on medium with an integrated card (dual core and 1 gig of ram). It's very scalable though, which I like. So you should be fine. Trying downloading the trial to see how it runs. :)
My wife & I play on Landroval with a kin: Band of Hope. It's a Christian kin with extremely loose ties to the CGA (some of the founding members have been together for many years going back several games and passed thru CGA-affiliated guilds)

I have to turn my graphics down a bit (low/medium with normal resolution graphics) but the game is still easy to play and doesn't have a "cartoon" feel to it. My wife's pc runs the high res graphics without a hitch and it looks incredible.
i played it for about a month and quit because i coudnt run the game
but if i ever get a decent rig ill start up a kinship if nobody else has
I have never played Lotro, and I doubt I ever will. But I did play WoW. Leveling is absurdly fast... if you are focused about it; when I say focused I do not mean sitting for hours and playing for days on end - just log on, quest and don't fool around. They have made the levels from 10-60 go by 30% faster, and 60-70 seems even faster than that (it did to me anyway).

While you may not be able to have many people in the guild at your level, you will certainly be welcomed there.

If you want to start anew with a few other people in a chapter that I know will be a hit, wait around for Warhammer to debut. Around 15 people strong so far. It's anticipated launch is in Oct/Nov of this year.
I play LOTRO on the Elendelmir server. I am a member of the christian based kinship Defenders of the Light. They are a very friendly and helpful bunch with a website and vent and the whole bit.

Any of you who might be playing on that server might check them out.