Introduction and Friend Requests


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You can introduce yourself here or post your experience with Dota2 (or DotA) and also post your friend id with requests.
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Mine is: 155896013

I started off playing Dota when it was a custom map for the Warcraft 3 client, the version was 6.54 (I think) which was the release before Windrunner and Kunkka was released. This was when I was still in High School studying in the Philippines and there is alot of Dota action over there. I then started playing Dota2 during the beta when you needed a beta key to play (they were giving them out on the playdota forums).

I only just started playing again recently after being brought to my senses with a new reason to play. I would definitely not consider myself a pro, but just your average pub player.

I'm currently living in England where the timezone is GMT+0:00. If anyone needs coaching or would like to play, just add me and we can arrange a time :)
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