Inexpensive Gaming Computer?


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For Daddy's Day I get to buy a sub $900 gaming computer. The specs I am looking for? Cheap case, I5 not OC, 8 Gig ram, Nvidia GTX card, optical drive, 1 T hard drive, 600 Watt or higher power supply, no liquid cooling. Have a few possibilities, but willing to listen.


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I highly recommend waiting on the 1070 (1080 not being in your budget) for your video card. Incredibly future proof with 4k and VR gaming being a cake walk for it.

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Gigabyte motherboards were rated highly a few years ago. I don't know if they still are but you may want to look in to them. I'm still using mine just fine.

They just had a nice WD Black 1 T, 7200, hard drive on sale, on Newegg but not anymore. Black is the one you generally want unless you need it for storage alone.

If you can buy it in pieces over a little time sales on Newegg do add up but you probably know that.

For about ~500-600 I last got an I7 4770 3.40, 16 gig and a gigabyte motherboard. Anyway that's all that comes to mind ATM.
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Pulled the trigger on this for my Daddy's Day present.
Changes made include upgrade to 600W power supply
downgrade to 1 T Toshiba harddrive
upgrade to Nvidia GTX 960 2 gig Video card.
Frog hair over limit at 909.81
Can always upgrade video card later. Figure I can at least get 1 year out of card considering my main game right now is GW2.
Have no need for 2 T hard drive, using 750 now and have less then 1/3 full.