How many are playing lotr and plan to most likely play after release?


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I have to say Im thoroughly enjoying the beta so far. There are a few bugs yet to be worked out though nothing extreme and there are a few things I hope they add at later levels but Im finding that for the casual player who enjoys pve and especially roleplaying this is a great start.

On that note I have decided I will be starting a mostly christian kinship (guild) I dont have all the details hammered out yet but Im hoping to have most of them by tomarrow. What I'd like to know is if I do are there any that would be interested in joining?

It will be on the Landroval server..mostly because that is the main "unofficial" rp server and you tend to get more mature players on these kind of servers. I have been playing on this one since pre-order beta and I have met some great people who have been playing since alpha even.

Let me know what you all think and how you feel about the beta so far.


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well I don't see much of a response here but many of our wow players from our guilds have characters in the beta so I have redesigned the His website and begun a LOTR forum there for those interested. We will be forming a kinship on the Landroval server sometime this evening. So if you are playing beta feel free to stop over at to check us out and say hello in the forums.


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i dropped lotr during beta just cuz i knew it would be a monthly fee


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Sounds like fun to me; LOTRO hopefully will attract some mature players. I've been playing the Beta, and it's been better in some ways than D&D Online.


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Sounds like fun to me; LOTRO hopefully will attract some mature players. I've been playing the Beta, and it's been better in some ways than D&D Online.

oh yeah, by all means, its way better than DDO was, but its a complete WoW rip, cost money, and combat was really laggy and glitchy, and skills were kinda lame


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I haven't seen much lag since the public beta came out; DDO is actually suffering from lag lately, but only since they released their latest (free) module. They actually seem to have the bugs worked out of LOTRO, and I could never get into WoW myself. So I'll give it a try, at least.
And as far as monthly fees go, they keep people from cheating and otherwise doing things that would get their account banned. And in LOTRO, they DO ban accounts, which is a bonus, as far as I'm concerned.
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I didn't play much during the beta, because it was SOOOO hard to get onto a server at lunch (I had it installed on my work PC), and the installation took way, WAY too long for me to play it elsewhere. Full servers FTL!

Never intended to play once it went live. As C$ said, monthly fees ftl!


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I played the beta and was floored. I am a huuuuuuge tolkien fan. The game was very well done and it's the only MMORPG that i actually liked from the get-go. Even GW had to grow on me. I'm not enthused about the monthly payment plan though. That's the one thing that will keep me from playing this game.
i was accepted to LotRO Beta's stress test a few months back (Jan. or Feb.) but I never tried it (i have game phases where i play only one game for weeks or months and can't stand other games... and i was in the middle of a GW phase at the time)

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I am playing on the Arkenstone server.
Level 28 Minstrel - Mirakle

I have a really awesome guild I am a part of, but I would consider leaving if a ToJ one started up. I love my minstrel tho I don't think I could reroll to a new server. Anyone who rolls on Arkenstone send Mirakle a tell so I can add you to my friends list.
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oh i have chars on 5 servers but im mainly on windfola (grawlin, dwarf champion ) and arkenstone (eonaught, man captian)