Guild Bounty Guide and tips for low levels


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Guild Bounty Guide

First, sorry for the lack of organization on guild bounties last week. It especially bugged me that we did a poor job warning lower-level folks of what to expect. I'll sort the bosses by zone level below so you know where to get to if you aren't max level. Or if you are.

First, a great guide on this stuff, if I'm unclear on anything:

What to expect from a Guild Bounty

There are 15 bosses scattered throughout the world. These NPCs have gold sherrif stars over their heads, although some of them are hidden until revealed. Our mission is to hunt some of them down and kill them within 15 minutes. Tier 1 will give you 2 bosses, Tier 2 will give you 3, and Tier 3 will yield 6 foes.

Who/what levels can participate?

Anyone can participate, but do remember that the bosses are all over. Being able to access more areas will make it easier for you to find a boss. Hard to run to a zone and find someone in under 15 minutes, after all. So I'd highly recommend everyone at least get into every zone their level allows!. You don't need 100% cartography. Higher level bounties will actually make it easier to participate due to

What's the reward?

Guild Merits for LoE, used to unlock more guild missions and nice guild boosts. 50 Silver, 2 rare or exotic drops (with "high" chance of precursor), and guild commendations for you, used to buy Ascended accessories, minis, and other sweet goodies.
Note: you only need to tag one boss to get full credit! Don't worry if you can't get them all.
Also Note: you're limited to 1 set of rewards per week. The reset seems to be on Saturday at daily reset time.

Simple Strategy

This is probably sufficient for Tier 1 and Tier 2 bounties.

  • Get everyone ready and on TS.
  • Split into the desired number of teams. IE: Tier 1 bounty = 2 teams, etc.
  • Split TS channels, one for each team.
  • Pick a boss before activating mission. IE: team 1 takes first boss, etc.
  • Activate the mission
  • Kill the bosses!
  • Try not to take your time on your boss - another team may need your help finding or killing!
  • Help other teams as needed

Advanced Strategy

Recommended for T3 bounties. Pretty much essential IMO.

  • Scout ahead. Literally. There are 15 bosses, go to each zone and find them.
  • If they are patrolling, follow them until they get close to a waypoint. You can talk to them to freeze them in place. Don't activate the kill, though!
  • Organize into 6 teams. Got a tip for good naming convention: Call your teams A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. This makes it super easy to figure out who is on a team, and organize kills. "A1 to Poobadoo". "All C Team to Prisoner 1411". "All 2 to Teesa".
  • I don't think we'll need to separate voice channels for this.
  • Activate the mission, kill all things.
  • All scouts stay in place and do not activate boss until you have backup!!!
  • Be descriptive!!!! Don't say "Teesa here". or "Prisoner dead". Say "Teesa just west of [Waypoint Name], C team come". "C1 done bounty". Etc.
  • Be fast! Other teams may need you, some bosses are very hard.
  • Do not wait for someone who doesn't have waypoint unless we're sure the mission is a success! That sounds cold, but remember we can do a mission right after so they can get full kill credit/commendations on another boss.
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good stuff, thanks for the tips!

One thing that probably helps... if we have enough commanders, have at least one of them lead a party in each zone. It'll make it easier for other groups to find them as we bounce between zones to mop up.
Thought I'd add my 2 cents, since we were SO close tonight with the tier 3 bounties.

I have a few etiquette suggestions that might help make things less stressful and perhaps more efficient (it's the teacher in me!).

Always provide three crucial pieces of information when needed, whether spoken or typed in guild chat:
-Boss name
-Relevant Waypoint
-Cardinal direction toward boss (N, S, E, W)

I see a lot of randomly linked wp's stacked line after line in guild chat with no reference to which boss is where or where to go once you port, and it creates confusion! I imagine that if we all put this into practice, communication will be a bit more efficient and there won't be as much need for repeating directions, wp's, etc. I think that this might also reduce the amount of speaking needed in TS so that Ryan or whoever is leading can more easily get everyone's attention.

PS - don't shoot me, just offering a suggestion!
Totally makes sense, Everhardt, though I could use some advice on how to do that. I was finding it awkward to keep the NPC stationary by continually talking to it while trying to ctrl click on the waypoint. Then I'd ctrl click and get the WP into chat, but before I could post NPC name and direction someone else would say something in chat so my WP ping would get disconnected from instructions.

As an added note, I have difficulty sometimes telling who is speaking in TS. Is there a way to get TS to display user name of whoever's talking on top of GW2?

One of the biggest issues I saw is that we could be a little more ordered about the scouting process. We kind of headed out to whatever NPC struck our fancy at first, and that left holes that we had to find people to fill. We throw out names of bosses we don't have anyone on, and three people might all jump, or that NPC might get missed in the list.

What if we have one person who doesn't do any scouting, but who's only job is to maintain a list and coordinate scouting? At the start time, we could take a few minutes to have everyone willing to be a scout give their name and whether they are on TS or guild chat. The Coordinator would then distribute the names across the NPC list, assigning more people to the more complicated paths. Whenever an NPC is found, one scout is assigned to lock it down, the other's are reassigned to NPCs with large paths that haven't been found yet.

I don't know, would this kind of regimentation make it not fun for people? I wouldn't mind just going wherever the Coordinator assigned me, but I know it might seem too rigid for some.

I agree that it's near impossible to know who is speaking in TS - I haven't been around long enough to recognize many people's voices yet. I too was struggling to link the WP's in chat (lol - every time I did so, the npc would walk away another 10 yards or so).

I like your idea of having someone who is not scouting and can solely focus on coordinating. If the officers try this idea, the coordinator should be the one who gets speaking priority in TS. I'm thinking that Ryan would be great for this, though I don't want to put words in his mouth or sign him up for something without talking with him first :)

I also considered that maybe Tier 3 is a stretch for us. While I think it's definitely possible, I'm wondering if it's worth it when we could be knocking out tier 2's. That said, I don't know a lot about the bounty system and I'm sure there's some greater reward (besides more guild commendation things in the guild window). I got very tired/frustrated sitting there spamming the "F" key to Short-Fuse Felix for about an hour while we waited to get everyone else scouted after other guilds did bounties and forced us to re-scout killed bounty npc's.

However, I am THRILLED that our guild is able to come together for events like these and I'm thankful to be a part of it :)
I also found that control-clicking the WP would link into the chat box, but that I could also continue typing more, so I was able to add the boss name and directions on the same line; however, I know that different setups handle that differently - I use both the Mac and PC version of Guild Wars 2 depending on which OS I'm booted in, and there are some significant interface differences.
Yeah, even with the waiting and stuff, I've been having a great time doing these. Can't wait until we get more unlocked, and then we can make a night of doing several guild missions, one bounty, one rush, one trek, etc.

Another thing I was wondering about was picking a different night. Maybe something earlier in the week, so we aren't competing quite so much with other guilds. Then again, that might mean fewer LoE who could participate, so it might not help.
I had a great time doing this even though we missed the bounty. I agree that more coordination on the scouting is needed. Ryan was talking today on TS about a new idea for the scouting that will probably work better. Some bosses are more difficult than others to find. So for those bosses, it was suggested to send 5 or 6 folks to each of them first. When they're found, 1 person stays there and the others move off to find the easier ones. Once all the bosses are found then we trigger.

Once the bounty is triggered, we need an experienced Coordinator to look at the list and quickly evaluate which of the 6 are the hardest bosses. Have folks already divided up into 3 teams and send the 3 teams out to the 3 toughest bosses. When their bosses are down the teams move to the 2nd boss on that team's list and finally to help other teams that need it.

We ran into 2 main problems Friday.
1. Rushing to trigger bounty before we were ready because other guilds were triggering. Moving to a less popular night will help but it also might hurt us because we also won't have as many people that can make it.
2. Bosses with a time limit. We ran into a few bosses that had 5 minute windows. If you fail to kill them in the time limit, they reset. We then have to find them again. We need more folks on those bosses upfront.

I love the idea of a central coordinator. That person will verify all scouts are ready, trigger the mission and then assign teams to specific targets.
Tons of great stuff here; wholeheartedly agree with all of it! We managed to nab 5/6 bosses both times, so I believe very much we can do this if we're just a bit more efficient.

  • Very much love the suggestion of Name, WP, and direction - crucial information best in chat as you simply can't link a WP in TS.
  • Anyone have an easy way to do the above? Maybe control + click map then hit Enter to type: "Trillia North" or something. Or maybe we could have everyone do this once when we find out who our bosses are, then people can scroll up to find.
  • There's an overlay extension for TS, not quite sure how to use it as I haven't.
  • Also love the idea of having a "coordinator". We missed Teesa on the second run because we simply forgot she wasn't found. Would recommend this person physically print out the bosses and mark down who is doing what.
  • In addition to the above point...I would suggest whoever is coordinating is NOT scouting. I certainly got distracted looking for that varmint Ander.
  • Tier 3 is definitely a stretch. I think it's very doable, though! We had finished Tier 2 earlier in the week for 20/25 merits, so T3 was the only direction to go until reset. It's only 5 extra merits, though.
  • Definitely need to get quicker on our scouting so our poor folks don't get carpel tunnel. I think if we can nail this faster it will help, along with reducing clashing with other guilds.

Anyone have any idea on an easier scouting method?

Do we have a list of "hard to find" bosses? What about "hard to kill" or "has a time limit"?
Need to get in on this, but every time rl has gotten in the way until last min, which means give up dailies completely and maybe stay up too late for next days responsibilities. So I need to get in one so I don't feel so lost and out to sea on this.
Friday sounds great. I will likely be unavailable, so if someone could step in get things going that'd be awesome! I'd love to also try one tonight, maybe, if we have 10+ people on.

I'm thinking the best thing long term is to try to do these things a couple times a week. For one, that'll get more people involved and able to get commendations for themselves. For another, it'll take the pressure off. If we already have a T2 knocked out early, there's not a lot of pressure to nail those last 5 merits. Even if we hit a T3, we can always throw up another bounty for people who haven't gotten in on it yet.

One thing we want to be conscious of is that if we want to rush Guild Rush by April 1, we will need to spend 10 full days from March 15-March 25 with BOTH our build slots occupied by upgrades. So we'll want to stock up between now and the 15th to get as many bounties queued as possible, then budget them out. I've been focusing mainly on T2 and T3 in the build queue for this reason.

Edit to add: what about doing something (like T2) through the week, trying a T3 on Friday, and also on Sunday afternoon? I noticed Sunday we had over 40 people logged on.
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I'm open to trying another night (8pm Eastern or later) but I need to know a little in advance to schedule a "game night" with my wife. Can't do Sunday afternoon as that's family time.

Looking forward to adding more kinds of missions as well.