DotA anyone?


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It appears that I have 2 DotA keys to give away... Anyone interested?
(ps I don't play it hardly at all, but might if we had some that did, it is hard yet fun...)

Invite your friends
You have extra copies of Dota 2 to give away

To get started - launch Steam, locate the game in your library and follow the instructions to install the game.

Since Dota 2 is a game that's more fun with friends, you have been given extra copies that you can hand out to whomever you'd like. You'll find your extra copies in the Steam section of your Steam account's item inventory, and you can use the Steam Trading feature to give them to your friends.

As always, we rely on your feedback to improve the game, so please drop us a line and let us know how we're doing.

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After playing some Dota2, I've decided that I like it more than LoL (which I've only played a little of, too, so :p and stuff). This may very well be because I don't have to unlock all the characters.

More folks should play. :D
I'm trying to get a few going. See what happens
Let me know when you do. I've had the beta for months and I've yet to play a single game with ToJ members.

Dota2 is on the ever-growing list of games that I'd play if I had people to play with, but don't want to play with strangers.
I have no more invites however id love to play with you guys!! add me on steam... UncaPetey my display name is William Henry Harrison right now =P
I'd like to play a game of Dota2 tonight to check it out and see if it's worth the hard drive space and bandwidth (OH the bandwidth) to keep the game installed and up-to-date.
Played with Tek, Mordos, and a couple others. I need to practice, but the games last so long that I don't care to play more than one in a row; it doesn't help that I'm still not a huge MOBA fan, even though I feel like I wanna be. haha Still, it was nice to play with y'all! :D
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I have to admit I'm not loving Dota2 so far, but I recognize all MOBA games carry a learning curve and it doesn't work well for a player to learn the game by just jumping in to a live match.

I did like that all champs (or whatever the characters are called in Dota2) are unlocked from the start and the replay/eSports options seemed miles beyond LoL; however, the "grimdark" setting of the second faction and the profanity ("Holy S---" when a player scores multiple kills in a row) which can not be turned off may be enough to convince me to uninstall the game.

But I'm not fond enough of any MOBA games to care too much about which I play. I'll probably just pick up whatever is most popular among ToJ members and learn the game well enough to be social. I wouldn't play LoL with strangers and the same goes for Dota2.
So I got my first loot drop!

And it's not in my backpack. Or on the hero. Or the hero's backpack.

Any idea where it would have gone?

Edit: Apparently the game shows you items won by teammates as well as yourself. So it wasn't mine after all. *amumu.jpg*

Edit Edit: Got my first item for real...sorta. It's a crate. *almostpromkingamumu.jpg*
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