Closing Server


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Hello folks.
I was the default Redeemed Guild leader on Ironrock server. Now that that server is closing, it appears that the guild gets closed too. Is there a Christian Gamers Guild on Gorfang? What is it and how do I contact it/them?
I cleaned out the vault of Redeemed to transfer to whoever this is.
2 Months

Well folks, I see some of you have read the message but no one has replied or messaged me in game. I have joined a guild called Burning Coals which is pretty active and the members seem nice. I have been playing Icthus, Capncarrot, CommanderSam, Felddspar and Quartz (can't remember how his name is spelled now) of late so if you see me say high.
Icthus!?! You know that is ToJ copywrited right? You can only play it if you are a naked mole rat lover.