Can it be explained?


Yep a noobish question again. That is, why just why when I aim dead center i instead hit the left arm? Almost every item I use except the deagle. I think its a cpu lag but dunno, could it be mem or processor? Anyways creating one arm bandits has fustrated me. Any ideas?
Each gun has a spread pattern. You can google this info.. But if its consistently the same arm then i dunno, might be lag.. might be something else.
My weapon of choice is a scout and deagle. The scout is the left arm king by far. The aim varies from dead on with five on five to low left when server is full. I ping low like ten to twenty. lol gonna try a faint lil dot on screen for windage and elevation. Prolly call me a haxor then wOOt!
Did you play CS: Source?

If so, thats your problem!

Bullets in the game are actual sizes, Millimeters!

Glock/Dualies/MP5: 9mm
Famas/Galil/Colt/AUG/SG552/SG550: 5.56mm

IT happens. It gets annoying, frustrating and sometimes, "WHAT...he didn't die!

I hate it when I shoot someone at close range with a Shotgun and do 10 damage! When I look behind him, 6 of the 8 shells hit the wall. :mad:

I also hate it when I shoot someone at long range with a Scout, head-shot perfectly and do 91-99 damage!

Their head is this big but the bullets are this small.
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