Anyone want to make a new logo for the new forum style?


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(I've been calling them themes, but it seems they're called "styles" in XenForo. Oops.)

So PixelExit's Splash won the poll and I've installed it and set it as the default. But right now, we're just using text in place of a logo.

The skin comes with .PSD files to create logos that complement the style, but my amateur graphic design days are long behind me.

Would anyone be interested in throwing together a new logo for our new forum style?

If so, post a reply and we can figure out a way for me to get you the .PSD files.
A hearty thanks to @anlptgtsg for designing the new logo! Huzzah!

You'll find the logo on our forums AND on our Discord server.

How big is the PSD?
Do you mean in terms of file size or image size?

In terms of file size, it's 102K.