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Hmmm ive heard something about rizz now having a favorite American soda. IBC guys forget that one?

Not quite sure my generation would have as much fun but I'm glad you guys did. And my vote for next year would be Knoxville. Then I could at least sneek in on you a few times.



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I caught this late, but I say New Orleans would RULE for a convention...That or Destin, Florida. I grew up in Destin and know all of the cool hangouts, arcades, and even the local LAN owners are good friends!

New Orleans would be cool too....I practically grew up there, father always had business meetings there. Great tourist place, and perhaps I can get us a few hookups and connections.

Anyways, let's get some chatter going on about it now, so we'll have a definate thing planned out for next summer.



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i was thinking maybe St Lious area or nashville, if we do it to far south it might hinder some of the northerners you know scare em and all, i would love to do it though up around Pensocola or Orlando ;)

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[b said:
Quote[/b] (LionOfJudah @ June 03 2004,8:49)]yeah next year we are looking at one of three locations

St. Lious
OUt side of atlanta neat six flags
Pensocola/New Orleans area
Since ConSecration is going to be in Chicago in March, and includes gaming, you might want to lean more towards the Atlanta/Pensacola/New Orleans choices, so that there will be one Christian con in the North and one in the South next year. (And then, maybe in 2006, we could schedule one for the East Coast and one for the West Coast  

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