1. Greninja

    Can Christian Artists work for Game Companies (Riot Games, Ubisoft, EA, etc.)?

    Hi! I'm Brian and I'm a multimedia artist from the Philippines. I'm actually a new member here. I came across this website after looking for answers to my dilemma. I'm in the part of my college degree course where I need to decide what I will be focusing on, such as graphic design, animation...
  2. J

    Please take this poll about Magic the Gathering and Christianity for my school research paper.

    Here's the link to the poll. It's just 4 questions. THANK YOU!!!
  3. Paradox-Jedi

    Calling All PlayStation 4 Christian Gamers

    Hello everybody this is my first post so sorry if it's on the "wrong" place. Anyways I welcome you to my Community on PlayStation 4, it is called Christian Gaming Fellowship. I really hope y'all join :-}
  4. acelaserdart

    Tribe of Judah group for PS4?

    Hey this is just a thought and a suggestion but what if we spread the ToJ group to PS4! cause there is a feature where you can create a group on the PS4 and it based on what type of game. (minecraft, desteny, call of duty, ect) but you might have known it already if you own a PS4. so what do you...
  5. F

    Christ centered twitch stream

    Hello everyone I go by fuzzyspartan and i am and avid watcher of twitch gaming streams. Im sure a lot of you know what this is but for those of you who do not, you go there to watch people play video games. I have been playing video hames my whole life and i have been a follower of Christ for...