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    Squad Commander

    You don't get any map icons for squad-mates, and squads are freely able to be joined by anyone at all.
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    Squad Commander

    The squad commander has a special dot on the map regardless of whether or not you're in their squad.
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    What time is it where you are? Time Zone Survey

    Koeril is correct, I'm in Nova Stocia, which is currently -3 UTC due to daylight savings time, Newfoundland is currently -2:30 UTC since its timezone is displaced by half an hour not a full hour.
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    Guild Bank Poll

    Crafting materials is probably the best bet, specifically the "fine crafting materials" used by crafters to make insignias, since they're needed for so many different crafting professions. This could also allow players to donate materials that would make an insignia of a stat they don't really...
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    Get To Know Your Guildies!

    Name: Orry Age: 20 Position: Member Main Character: Human Mesmer, Orry De Rellor Playstyle: PvX Occupation: Student Location: Nova Scotia Other: Montreal Canadiens are clearly the superior hockey team here.
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    Ascalon Catacombs SAT 8:30 pm central time

    From my experience with Ascalonian Catacombs it was relatively easy to complete the story mode with minimal preparation. Most of the difficulty is knowing which enemy to prioritize in a group. (hint: the answer is kill the elementalists first) During a boss fight if an ally goes down then...
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    Hackers out in full

    I don't see any other way to put it if it's an, as previously suggested, per week fee for people over a certain level. There is already a major advantage to having people in the guild built into the game itself: Influence. The influence reward on events increases as the number of guild members...
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    Hackers out in full

    What would the money on the "Guild Tax" be for? I am fully against any sort of forced tax to be in a guild and will likely leave if one is implemented, by the way.
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    Final BWE Guild Invite List

    I think I'll be playing as an Asura named "Ornaa" for the final BWE.
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    Pre-Launch & Launch Day: Servers

    This raises a question: Why are we going to play on one of the "more popular" servers? Wouldn't it be a lot easier to make sure everyone could play on the same server if it was less likely for the server to become full? As far as I can tell with the way servers and overflow works, once the...
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    Official Legacy of Elijah Enrollment Thread

    ToJ - Orry GW2 ID - Orry.1297 GW2 character name - As of yet, unsure.
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    The Legend of Zelda

    I found Majora's Mask to be the more interesting of the two N64 Zelda games personally. I think it holds up a lot better than Ocarina of Time due to it's unique mechanics. Ocarina is great, but later games in the series did what it did better. If you have a Gamcube my advice would be to see...
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    Announcing... The Legacy of Elijah!!

    I'm looking forward to playing Guild Wars 2 with all of you.
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    Official Guild Wars 2 Guild Discussion Thread

    And post I shall. I'm good with joining SoE and have no interest in being an officer at this time. the suggestion of a name change is an interesting one as well.
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    Guild Wars 2 Name List

    I'll make a human mesmer, Orry will be in his name somewhere, not sure if I want it to just be "Orry" or if I want it to be something with a last name.