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    PSN Names

    Hello my PSN is Missionary2001
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    Are you satisfied with your computer?

    I hate my computer becus its 4years old and acting wierd somethimes.. but internet connetion its owns (100mbit up and down) fibercabel :D
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    Unreal 1 Mod for UT2k4!!!

    Maps are just unreal beta maps from 97 its not the final ones :P
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    What systems do you own?

    -PC -Gamecube -Game Boy -Game Boy Color
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    Is the Landmass all done now?

    its would be awesome =)
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    Unreal1 and UT99

    yeah me too.. Unreal1 is all i need ;P really
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    The Landmass (UT2004 DM)-- When are you Online?

    I see in xfire if onyone is playing there, i can jumping an play if there is players in ;D
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    Unreal1 and UT99

    I preffer unreal 1 coop-game & UT coop-game ;P
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    Silkroad Online

    Silkroad is a great free game and its great fun.. by the way i'm Vaimo7 in silkroad :D lvl 35
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    Halloween and You

    Thats right morhy-butterfly :P language barrier. i didnt know crap was so foul language. I just translated from finnish to english. In finnish it not a foul language.. so thats it :D :cool:
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    Halloween and You

    I stay away from catholic and halloween stuff.. Thats it
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    Halloween and You

    thats crap
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    Halloween and You

    Halloween in sweden is not soo into the stuff like hmm.. hmm mexico :P