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    Anyone play Pirates!

    Pirates! Rocks ! I got it for Christmas and boy is it fun! I'm a British pirate (I must stay loyal to my home) and it's a blast! I got every promotion from the Brits, 2 more to get from the Spanish, and I'm close to getting other promotions from the other teams. It's fun sacking towns!
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    Get yourself a free ipod!

    The Infone offer was the best I heard. You don't have to use it unless you want to and you get a free Amazon Certificate when your done!
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    Post-Playing Game

    I was surfing when I came across a type of online game called a "Post-Playing game". All the rules and basic idea can be found below, but I was wondering if it would be cool to set one up here! It could be set in a Mythical Christian world and if it catches on we could have it's own history and...
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    Christian Clans for  Star Wars: Battlefront

    When I get the game I was wondering if anyone wanted to play?
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    A Game Card Question

    It's a Dimension 2300 and it's specs are: Celeron CPU 1.80 GHz with 384 MB of RAM.
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    A Game Card Question

    Oh...See! I know nothing about them! Uh I guess it would be a video driver or something. See I've bought both ROTK and Spiderman for PC but when I installed it and tried to open it it said my video cards or drivers were out of date. So I'm guessing I'd have to buy lika a Radeon or something like...
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    A Game Card Question

    I'm going to buy Star Wars Battlefront for PC and was wondering if a game card would make any difference. I've got a Dell Desktop and all my games work fine except for Midnight Club 2 which is kinda slow. But I was wondering if MC2 is slow because of how big it is on the hard drive or if I...
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    Age Of Empires 2

    well if you see me I'm kingaragorn_8
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    Age Of Empires 2

    I was wondering if anyone here has Age of Empires 2 and wanted to play it online with me. I'm not the best, but I've tried lokking at 'The Zone', and not alot of friendly people there. So I was wondering if anyone here would play.
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    Golden Sun 1

    Why Dutch? Oh yeah, sorry Iwasn't thinking.
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    But the other day in a game magazine I read it was Teen
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    Who's Saviour?

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    Star Wars: Battlefront

    I've never played BF 1949 either. But as for this game the trailer looks AWESOME!
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    Religious Healers, lame.

    Whoops! That's the second time it's happened. I write a response to something on the first page without noticing there's a second page! Last time someone said "It'l be fun in heaven" and I wrote yeah can't wait! Well it ended up on the second page under: 'All those poor people that will suffer...
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    Religious Healers, lame.

    I didn't notice that!