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    New Tribe of Judah web site coming soon

    if you want some help on availability let me know. I host both the cga forums and now
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    Happy New Year 2020!

    THIRD! On this thread at least..:D:p
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    Christians will turn on you for knowing Christ

    There's Christians and then there's churchians. churchians are the modern day pharisees. I have been accosted, attacked, and demeaned by these false followers over and over again. I have an entire category on my blog dedicated to the Churchians...
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    Holy Server Failure!

    The new web1 is 64 gigs of ram, 2 x 500 gig ssd in raid 1 hardware, and 12 cores w/SMT for a total of 24 threads...:)
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    Holy Server Failure!

    welp. i got another web1 stood up and it's been running well. I have moved everyone who was on it back to it(including the forums)...backups and redundancy save the day..:)
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    Holy Server Failure!

    Well the upgrade/replacement of web1 finally came crashing down and left a smoking crater in it's wake. Luckily I ad a second webserver, web3, with only a few domains on it as a standby. Utilizing my own backup system I moved all of the accounts from web1 to web3. If you can see this dns has...
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    Server problems

    The new server is dying...and we do not know if it is hardware or software. right now the server is uploading at 10 megabits and below..sometimes as low as 2 megabits. This weekend we are going to try dumping hte server and reloading it. If that fails i am going to revert back to the previous...
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    small upcoming outage

    oh the last time i had to restore cga it took 20 minutes just for the database. This time the entire account was restored in less than 8..:)
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    small upcoming outage

    Ok that was a fun ride. this turned out to be a big issue: first it was this: Well it was going to be a simple SSD upgrade and my Data Center gave me a deal I could not Pass up. The previous server had 8 cpus and 16 gigs of ram on dual HDD's in raid 1. This new machine has 12 cpus with 24...
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    small upcoming outage

    eastern yes..:)
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    small upcoming outage

    I am going to be doing a hardware upgrade to the webserver that powers the site tomorrow at noon to about 2pm. i am switching the server form hard drives to SSD's. This came together at the last minute so i apologize for the short notice. William Warren
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    Small outage

    I had a server update decide to go through and muck up the webserver config files for most of the sites on this mahcine. This crached the Apache webserver and i had to hand edit every single site's config files to remove the trash the update added AFTER the update also change the operation mode...
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    Webhosting Status

    If you ever want to keep tabs on your hosting is the twitter feed for those status reports:
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    My mother passed away earlier this week

    I have not experienced that particular loss but I have lost one very close to me. I will keep you and ember in my prayers and thoughts. God will hold you close during this difficult time.