My call sign is Joshua724 (Joshua725 on Minecraft).

I went by Renegade637 some years ago when I was trying to connect with EA's online accounts. However, their registration system changed so much and merged with other online services that my account got messed up. Some yars ago, I decided to try online gaming again. But, instead on some random account system, I decided to try and find a Christian gaming community. When I found this, it got me thinking that I could reinvent myself as a Christian gamer. The name Joshua has a two fold reason for why I picked it. I write as a hobby. The story I write, I wanted the character to have come from a bad situation and, unlike other people, make something good come out of it. When it came to naming him, I decided to pick a character from the Bible. Joshua fight with Jericho fascinated me so much that it seemed like a no brainer. As for the numbers, my birthday.

Movies, Games (Half-Life Series, Battlefield Series, Minecraft, Team Fortress 2)
Jul 24, 1984 (Age: 39)
Duncanville, TX
IT Technician in computers and networks




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