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    Unofficial Operations group starting - Please read and sign up inside

    UPDATE: For Saturday, March 3 Ops!!! I will NOT be available for TODAY's Ops, as I'm flying out of town today for working 3 months in Hawaii. :) So you'll be short either my Healer,Tesla or my Tank, Vadder. :( ALSO, Bretta has told me he probably won't make it back from his Reserves...
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    Unofficial Operations group starting - Please read and sign up inside

    I have my Juggernaut Tank and Sorc Healer geared and ready to go for today's Raid! We'll have enough of each class to actually start today so PLEASE log in and be ready! :) Should be a blast! God Bless
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    Unofficial Operations group starting - Please read and sign up inside

    Don't worry about having to many of one class or another. A few of us are willing to repec to help make the right balance work, so just post your main spec for now and we'll see what we get. :)
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    Unofficial Operations group starting - Please read and sign up inside

    Hey all, just to reiterate what Bretta has posted. Are hopes in running this Guild/PUG group is to help some of our existing 50s to start to get geared up for when we have enough 50s for the Guild to run Offical Guild OPs groups. So if your 50, come get a head start in OPerations and if your...
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    CfD - What Class/Role are you playing?

    Wait... We have 14 LvL 50s????? Why aren't we doing Operations again? :P
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    CfD - What Class/Role are you playing?

    I'm officially playing a Sith Juggernaut as a Tank for my main. (If the guild is in need of DPS for Operations, then I'd consider switching to DPS, but I prefer Tank Spec.)
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    Who is from Redeemed?

    Spamalots, from Redeemed! Hey all... See ya in game soon!
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    Looking for officers.

    Hey all, if you don't have enough people for Raid Leaders or Officers, I'd be more than happy to fill a spot. I've been a Raid leader & Officer in many guilds and MMOs. I've played with many of the good people who have already said they are interested, so feel free to pick them before me...
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    Adversary? Lions of Judah! :-p

    Lol I can tell this is going to be fun already! ;)
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    Server Location

    Ya I prefer West myself, cause I also like to play later and the West Peak Times allow for that, since I'm in the far East. :)
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    Story and plot in MMO

    You'll find that the class story quests are far more interesting than some of the other MMO typical 'kill quests'. The other thing you'll notice is that even the quests to go 'explore a cave' or 'find an npc', that are fully voice dialogued, will also include optional secondary quests given to...
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    PCGamer's Eternity Vault raid video from Gamescom

    What was even funnier than that, was watching 6 audience members and 2 Devs from PAX 2011 playing the Eternity Vault live and the rest of the audience yelling at the one Sith Sorcerer who constantly kept 'standing in fire' and also kept running into the raid when he was targeted with the massive...
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    Morality gear

    Yes, there are repeatable daily quests and daily PvP quest. Two of the daily quests areas is on the planets Ilum and Hoth. We'll be fighting over control of Ilum for lightsaber crystals for example. As far as repeating quests again in order to gain light/dark points, I think it will depend on...
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    Release date??

    In fact, just before and at PAX 2011, they changed the way they are refer to the holiday release. They are now adding the word 'target' to the holiday release date. This could just be a ploy to make us think there is a chance it may not come out before Christmas, but like Blizzard, Bioware...
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    Hey all!

    Thanks! We've both already Apped. :)