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Discussion in 'Minecraft Chapter Forum' started by blsimpson, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. blsimpson

    blsimpson Tribe of Judah Minecraft Chapter Leader Staff Member

    You have been added to the whitelist. Welcome! Let me know if you have any issues logging in.
  2. Serena Kitchen

    Serena Kitchen New Member

    Thanks. Whats the TS connection address?
  3. Nickredeemed

    Nickredeemed New Member

    Minecraft User Name: Kelvanis
    Have you ever been banned? (If so please list why): No
    Real Life First Name (optional): Nick
    Age Group (under 16; 17-20; 21-35; 36+): 36 +
    Do you belong to another TOJ Chapter (if so, please list): WoW but have not played in some time
    How did you hear about TOJ Minecraft?: Forums on CGA
    Do you agree to the rules posted above?: Yes
  4. Tek7@Work

    Tek7@Work CGA President, Tribe of Judah Founder & President

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