Teamspeak or Vent?


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I am looking for a Christian Gaming Alliance teamspeak server, I have recently returned to Lord Jesus Christ's salvation after four years in a cult, and a year and a half as an athiest. I would just like to speak with fellow Christians when I am online, if possible. I have a lot I would like to share about Lord Jesus, and equally, hear about Lord Jesus as well.


Christian Gamers Alliance Staff Manager
TeamSpeak is what the CGA uses. Both have their advantages, but for the sake of settling that's what we went with. I replied to your other post but just in case, you can find the TS information HERE.


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vent is better atleast i believe so...teamspeak is more simple and user friendly...if you dnt care about qualtiy and just want to hear ppl and understand them go with teamspeak...if you want great sound etc vent is way to go...for vent u can go to and get a server there, for teamspeak you can go to there website which i'm unaware of bc i only used it once forever ago...they are easy to set up and both sites offer tutorials on how to do so