Team Fortress 2 Tips 'n Tricks?


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- If hit from a Soldier's Rocket or Demoman's Sticky/Grenade, and thrown in the air, you can still do a Double Jump to avoid their next attack/hit.

- You can also do Double Jump after you've used the Force-A-Nature.

- Try to get behind enemy lines without being seen and attack them from behind. Makes great caps, especially with Snipers, Engineers and Medics.

- Don't reload your, Force-A-Nature when you've used 1 shell.

- If the only 1 left alive from your team, try to harass them, for your teammates to respawn.

When you suspect a Spy is near by, Flame First - Ask Questions Later!

It's useful on Payload Maps to have one Pyro dedicated to flaminging facing backwards on the payload while you team is pushing. Spies love to come up behind an entire team pushing the Cart - and just backstab everyone.

When you are being Ubered by a Medic, be aware of how long the Uber will last. As you go into enemy territory during an Uber - Focus on Killing individual Players as you go. Don't run deep into Enemy Territory and allow them to surround you. When your Uber is done... You will have sealed your fate being surrounded! (Unless your goal with the Uber is just to take down a Sentry for the Team.)

As Medic, you can earn Extra Points by using up your Ubers during the Setup Period before the Round Starts. Just make sure you leave at least 21 seconds on the countdown clock to rebuild your Last Uber before the Doors open.

As a Beginner, this picture will guide you to your Basic Default Keyboard Options for Team Fortress 2.