Prayer Request.

Hi all, It's been awhile :) Haven't really done this before but where looking at moving and currently have our place up for sale. Its only been 3 weeks and it was a good start, had a few offers but they fell through and now the last week has been completely quiet, no showings at all.

It's a rough experience and any prayers would be appreciated. I know and understand things will happen as per HIS will, I'm just at that stage where you feel weak and tired and a little overwhelmed with things.

Anyway thanks for listening :)
Well we had two offers and both fell through, had an offer last week but it was very low, countered back and forth a couple times but haven't heard from them in a few days so not sure if they decided against it or not.

I think we both really want to be outside the city, have a little space, like 3-5 acres would be perfect. Has to be affordable so most likely it will be a 30 min drive to the city everyday but we have decided the commute would be worth it.


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what do you consider affordable? my brother is just about to put his 3 acre place up for sale north of the city (by bonaccord/mornville)
Well the conditions have been signed off on and today our place is officially sold, woot! :)
Now to figure out our plans asap before we have to be out lol