Prayer for Tek's mom


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Thank you all so much for your continued prayers. My mom continues to make remarkable strides in her recovery.

Also, my dad informed me that my mother is receiving 3 hours of therapy each day, so the chasm between skill nursing and a rehab facility may not be as wide as we first thought. That doesn't negate the crapulence of the insurance company refusing to cover rehab facility expenses when a doctor specifically recommended rehab, but it softens the blow a bit.

As my dad said (and I may have posted previously), this is a marathon, not a sprint, and we need to be looking at the long-term.

Nevertheless, please continue to pray that my mom would receive the best care possible and that her recovery would continue at a swift pace.


Mrs. Tek7
Update! Tek's mom and dad have come to visit a few times now. His mom's recovery has been remarkable. She actually made it to one of our girls' birthday parties for the first time a little while ago. Amazing to see the change in her now that some health issues can be addressed...she's got to be feeling so much better. And motivated by another chance at life. The fact that things could have gone differently is not lost on her. The relationship between her and our kids has completely changed for the better, and for that I am incredibly grateful.