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    Ok this is going to take some back ground. I am renting out a house I own that I am building up equity in, not really making money on, biggest yearly profit was 400.00 some odd dollars. Recently the lease was up and a new tenant is going in, body count on this one is 9 people, small bodies and foster children. I am one of the only ones to take them on as renters. My house is a split level with an unfinished basement. The deal? One of the older sons is a builder just discharged from the army. I will provide the materials, they will provide the labor for 3 bedrooms in the basement in exchange for no raise in the rent for 3 years. To complicate further my maintenance team there, 2 brothers, are just now out of work and need what I can pay them for putting in another bath in the basement. So I have a loan app in, and I really need it to help these three families. Yes my equity skyrockets because I am also, thanks to my maintenance team leader selling me a 4 ton, 6 month old heat pump for $500.00 so I will have central heat and air. Just pray that the loan goes through so I can help out these families. Ya strange request, no it is not selfish, I can provide a real home for one family, and help support two others while they get new work. I shudder to think what the insurance will be on a 6 bedroom, 3 bath home on 5 acres in a country setting, but helpinf 3 families it will be worth it.
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    Sure thing Care Bear :) .
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    Woots, Huzzah, and Praise the Lord. Signed the papers this AM and the money is in my account, I will be able to draw on it tomorrow. Thanks for the prayers brothers and sisters.

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