New Elder Scrolls Online Guild

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Bumping my old post to here, since I wasn't sure it was that visible to folks that were particularly interested in playing ESO.

I noticed there was not an active Christian guild for Elder Scrolls Online, so a bunch of buddies of mine and I created one.

The name is "Respawned" (Based on being a born-again gamer. I hope it seems catchy.) We are on the North American server on the PC/Mac version of the game.

We are a mostly casual guild that is brand new but aiming to get bigger. We aim to cover the basics of ESO (since there is no other Christian guild on ESO that I know of). We plan on focusing on PvE and Roleplay, as well as maybe doing a bit of PvP and eventually getting a guild store. In terms of Cyrodiil PvP, it seems that we might be taking the AD side of things, given most of players so far are from that alliance. We will likely play on the "Sotha Sil" Cyrodiil server since that seems to be the most friendly one for both new and veteran players.

We already have a guild house with a full stock of crafting stations, we have a Discord, and I am currently working on getting an Enjin website set up. While the website is not -quite- finished, the applications are ready.

If you are interested in joining, complete an application at Just go to the recruitment tab. I've done my best to make the application simple, yet I have also tried to make it in such a way that applicants become familiar with our beliefs and policies right off the bat. This has admittedly made it a bit lengthy. Thankfully, most of the answers are simple "yes, no, not sure" or multiple choice.

If you want to contact me in-game (please do!) my username is @TaigaStrider. If you want to get in contact on Discord my contact address is TaigaStrider#8207.

This was something that God put in my heart to start, and I hope it has been an answer to a lot of prayers. For those of you on ESO looking for a guild that aims to honor God, stay true to Biblical values, and create an environment of fellowship and spiritual growth, that is our goal.
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Due to lack of interest, sadly, the in-game guild Respawned no longer exists. I also disabled the Enjin website, since there wasn't enough interest to warrant the monthly cost. We still have a server on Discord, though, and would be happy to hang out with you if you have an interest in us.