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    Guns of Icarus Online is free on humble bundle until the day after tomorrow. Unlike most of the games I post I actually had a little interest in this game when it came out as it was team based multiplayer. Just think of the pirate pun possibilities yarg! A sequel and several other companies making spin offs of the genre may have made this version a bit old and multiplayer may suffer from being abandoned by now. Regardless it's free so I'm going to spam this post to some peoples in the hopes of getting enough of a player base to try it out at some point. Do the same if you want some steampunk pirate airship action.

    As always to get the game you must...

    0.Have an account with Humble Bundle and Steam.
    1.Add the game to your cart and checkout.
    2.Get the e-mail and click on it which should...
    3....take you to the page that lists the game on your Humble Bundle account.

    4.Press the redeem button on the key to redeem to Steam.
    If your Humble Bundle account is not tied to your Steam account you'll need to copy paste the key to Steam/games/activate a product on Steam.

    Even after you have the game on your Humble Bundle account you must redeem the key on your Steam account key by 10AM Pacific on Saturday, November 11th, 2017 or it will vanish.

    Please note I've not played the game myself it could be terrible or great but it's free and doesn't have objectionable content (that I know of) so what could it hurt to try. I'll try to get some folks together at some point on Steam but it won't be tomorrow. ATM I'm just trying to get people the game before the offer expires.

    Have Fun!
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  2. CowRocket

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    Thanks Fam, i got mine. I like free :D
  3. The Mighty Gerbil

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    ...but it's not Eve! :p
  4. CowRocket

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    Didn't say I'd actually download and play :p
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