"Considered, not Consumed"

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    In light of my recent trials I've been going through, as well as sudden surprises in reality (losing electricity), I have to share this message I received at church Sunday. This is WAY shorter than the message I got, but the basic message is not lost:

    Have you ever read the book of Job?
    No it's not how to get employment, nor how to keep it either!
    It's about how one very wealthy man who worshipped God completely and totally without reservation or distraction was challenged in his life with the loss of EVERYTHING he had: livestock, lands, servants and even family.
    Yet he never once blamed God!
    See, in a nutshell Satan was given permission to 'consider Job' as a target since Satan believed Job would turn against God once bad things begin to happen. Satan was not happy since God had been protecting Job and all his lifestyle. God told Satan he could go ahead and test Job anyway he wished, but not to hurt him.
    Satan had his way with the man of God destroying his servants, his family, his livestock and even taking his lands away. Satan through it all totally expected Job to turn against God. What does Job do? Why that's the best part:

    In a nutshell, If we are in God's Will, following God Word and walking in God's Way, we can in fact be 'considered', but never 'consumed'.
    Praise God and Glory to His Name!

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