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  1. Atown

    Atown Christian Gamers Alliance Amazon Store Manager

    We are excited to announce that we are looking for regular Twitch streamers to broadcast to the Christian Gamers Alliance Twitch channel at

    We are hoping to help build the community, create involvement opportunities, and minister to the gaming community at large.

    What we are looking for?
    We are looking for streamers to take on a minimum of one 2-hour time block on a weekly basis. Games are up to you and your show's focus, but we are hoping to build a regular broadcast schedule.

    What do we need from you?
    • Links to 3 recordings of previous broadcasts
    • Your forums username (requires a CGA Forums account)
    • Exceptions may applied, please contact me directly

    What are the guidelines?
    • Have a buddy system (e.g. at least 1 person in Discord that is watching your stream and able to help you stay accountable for game content, inappropriate frustration, language, etc).
    • Use your common sense when selecting games to stream.
    • Respect the streamer and other viewers.

    Please post a reply with links to previous broadcasts, and what time slot with time-zone and we will respond via private message.
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  2. Kalcsu

    Kalcsu New Member

    Username: Kalcsu
    Time-slot: Anytime after 17:30 PST
    Willing to stream up to 6 hours depending on the day.
    Sample stream:
    *note I got permission to do a single 30 minute video*

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