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Discussion in 'Minecraft Chapter Forum' started by Kalcsu, May 19, 2017.

  1. Kalcsu

    Kalcsu New Member

    Heyo! o/

    I have been building a spawn point for a world and can't figure out two things. The first is what to put in the green outer "garden" areas of the build, and what to make the pillars out of. The pillars will have vines on them that come to a dome roof. *edit: I am playing Infinity Evolved*
  2. Dchsknight

    Dchsknight Tribe of Judah Minecraft Community Manager

    I would put in the green area...

    Flowers of some sort. Like roses. OR if you want it to be natural-ish use bone meal on the grass area. it will sprout up with natural wild flowers and tall grass.

    as for the pillars you have a lot of grey in there. And it looks like you are using sea lamps. So I would go with a more striking color like a red or blue, so like lapis block or red stone. If you want a more uniform color, Sand stone or Nether Quartz blocks would work. There are specific nether Quartz pillar blocks that have lines going up them like old greek columns so maybe that would work for you.

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