WTB Meatclysm Screenies

Why aren't you there Tree? That's like your neck of the woods.

And yes! screenies or it didn't happen! yadda yadda
here ya go

The Gang: Gilga, Shagz, Icthus, Cakey, Fierce, Mirakle

Game ON

Icthus and the Meat

Mor Meat

Icthus car vs McFierce's
You all are so lucky to have gamer friends whom can all get together and hang out. :D

WTB Pennsylvania Redeemers.
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So Mc2010 came to a crashing halt this morning at 10:20 am server.

The power in the area went out in the area.

I am not saying it was anyones fault but where was the ups back up?

I am just saying..
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Does Angry have a Chinhawk? Mike, still looking good! And thank heaven you didn't have your dog in the pictures... :)
Looks like you guys had a good time! I wish Xymnas and I could have made it down there. I think we need to do a Bay Area event next time.
Didn't know Gilga was a ginger!

"A ginger?" Seriously? You couldn't have picked red, or auburn, or even orange? Ginger? Maybe it's just a holiday season thing and the word was stuck in your head. Maybe it was Goodwone's terrible video (where somehow I was the only one to not have my head fully stick in my 'afro') that had dancing in your head and you imagined me doing a foxtrot with Fred Astaire. But "ginger" ... seriously?