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Hello... I've just started playing on Percival again, and I would really like to be part of Knights of the Trinity. I just joined Tribe of Judah a day or so ago. I'm very much a role player, and I came across your guild months ago while looking for a Christian guild - my character was, at that point, looking for God. I met with Malohaut and we talked for some time. However, I didn't remain on Percival as I was mostly playing Nimue at that point. Anyway, I'm back, and I would love to be a part of this fine guild.  
 My character name is "Khairra".


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Log on and ask someone, if you let me know when you play I will make sure I am on other wise do a (/who Trinity) and ask for someone to invite you.

And welcome home Sister Khairra.

The Lord has a plan for you

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