Wii console

Yeah the WiiLink. Are there any games that will still allow you to join with friends?
So WiiLink replaced WiiConnect24, which powered Wii Channels like Everybody Votes Channel, News Channel, Forecast Channel, Check Mii Out Channel, and others.

If you're looking to play Wii games online, you'll want to read up on Wiimmfi, the fan replacement for Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. You can use an auto patcher that will boot games from disc with a patch that allows online play. I dumped all my physical discs to an external USB drive years ago because my launch model Wii's optical drive was starting to struggle, so I use WiiFlow to launch games with the Wiimmfi patch enabled.

You may also want to check out CTGP Revolution, a Mario Kart Wii mod, if you're interested in playing MKWii online.