Where has all the prayer team gone?


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So where has everyone gone? does anyone even check here? i know i have been slacking in not doing potw sorry Lista (school is starting to kick'in since i started doing HW ^_^ ).

I try to check here once a day, just to see what is going on in each of your lives. i think we should also not only use this forum as a place to discuss our prayer thought and the prayer team but also each one of our daily lives. this way we can pray for eachother, not a general prayer but something specific. (SP LOL).

Today (monday) i sent out 3 emails to three different churchs, ranging from 15mins-3hrs away from the school for a part time ministry. two youth(one may be a childrens) and also one senior ministry spot. In your prayers could you just keep these in mind that God will have me where he wants me. that His will be done not mine.

How is everyone else doing?
Sorry honey but if you kept up in the other forum area you'd see that I was afk on vacation for a week and just now at midnight have got home. I can rarely keep up with many of you any more even when I'm here full time.
I did get a specific prayer request to my email so I guess that's a bit of a start. Anyway except for work getting in the way I should be around here for a long while. Smiles Blessings,"Angel"

PS I'm still waiting LoJ
I am wondering what has happned to the prayer newsletter also. I will put it down to litsafalda being away...
Not sure Rizz...... I asked gp to use one of his that I looked at before I left and gave input and suggestions and a prayer to it because he didn't have one. I still haven't heard from him back on it. So I guess I'll start pestering. HMMMM the lady is very good at pestering. Hopefully we're just late again??? Blessings,"Angel"
still cant read your purple on blue