Whatcha Reading these days?


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I know we all read to a good extent, but what have you been reading lately?

I picked up, mans search for meaning and its been super intense.....

Also trying to work through,

the compound effect
The boron letters

anyone else/>?
I just finished Jim Butcher's Dresden files (17 books). Looking forward to the next book, but there isn't a release date. He's starting a new series (really, can't you just work on the one...) in a Steampunk setting. Looking forward to that too.

I'm also reading Amplified Leadership by Dan Reiland.
Just finished Sir Arthur Conan Doyles whole collection of Sherlock Holmes short stories and novels. Starting on a book about the hidden Jews in Berlin, fascinating considering that all Germans were demonized as anti-semites during and after the war. So many risked their lives to make it possible to hide friends and coworkers.

edit: The name of the book is Survival in the Shadows by Barbara Lovenheim.
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Fun reading: Almost done with Halo: Fall of Reach
School reading: Herman Bavinck's Reformed Dogmatics and a bunch of other things
Formative reading: Organizational Leadership: Foundations and Practices for Christians
Amazon would give me one free book for my Kindle every month, the only problem is the last three months have been either losers or serials. I am NOT getting sucked into more serials. Very few are worth plodding through the lot of them. The last really good freebie was a humorous book about an accountant vampire. I'll have to pull it off of my cloud storage and read it again. By the way not all series are bad, one of the better recently read in the last two years was one about a zombie detective looking for his killer, and solving odd cases in route. Only one book I need to finish the series is "Stake Out at the Vampire Circus". I think number two in the series.
Today I started reading, for the second time, 'The Scotch-Irish: A Social History' by James Leyburn. I bought it a couple years ago at the visitor center at Smokies National Park. (So far as I know) I don't have any Scotch-Irish ancestors, but I found it interesting; Scottish history is generally neglected.
I read a fiction about that years ago. it was part a robbery to return a stone, a modern day tale of returning the stone and then like 1200AD finding the stone. cant remember or find that book. I think it was water damaged and had to throw it away.
Ok the vampire accountant Fred book has been turned into a series. Just finished latest book, number 2, Undeath and Taxes. Still funny in a lot of ways, a little more serious than first book. Would recommend it if you like off beat books.
Pilgrim's Progress can be tough sledding because of it's age. Been a long time since I read it, will have to see if there is a cheap Kindle version.
Looking forward to the release of the Aeronaut's Windlas. It's Jim Butcher (author of the Dresden Files I mentioned above) first book in the Steampunk genre.
I'm bad at finishing books, but I'm getting better. I'm over three quarters of the way through Halo: The Fall of Reach. I like it a lot. That said, I caved and started on Dune, and I really like it.

Fear is the mind killer.
Successfully finished Fall of Reach. Not that it was a hard book to finish...I just have some kind of novel attention span troubles.

Since then, started on Star Wars: The Rise of the Empire. Read the first short story included in it and am now a good few chapters into the pretty great-so-far Tarkin. I love me some of the Star War.
hehe, i just finished the "search of meaning" and it was more intense than I thought it would be, but i also feel like everyone else in the world has heard of it except for me O_O
Sacred Betrayal by James Beller

I'm actually reading the older version of this book which was formerly titled - The Coming Destruction of the Baptist People
While I was on 2nd honeymoon had time to start/finish The Gemini Effect, scary Sci Fi, Horror story that rocks right along, also reread the books on Fred the vampire accountant, and started yesterday on (Re)Evolution, interest Sci Fi drama book, about the future of human tech interface.
I finished The Aeronaut's Windlass by Jim Butcher a few weeks ago. Not a bad read if you're into Steampunk/Fantasy.