What Mods do you have and what do they do?


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My favorites right now are:

Auctioneer - gives information on pricing at the AH, what the normal price is and what the stuff on the auction is selling for (by color coding and percentage).

Bartender - Necessary for me, without seeing MORE BUTTONS I could not function as a mage. I love having my arsenal for perusal at all times. We did make a new UI around this and I think it is cleaner looking than the game in original format.

Autobar - this addon is going through some changes, but it does make things easy to get to. You get a new bar that is dynamic - it will bring up your food, mounts, class spells, and all sorts of nifty things (that you can drag where you like) and have when you need it. I love this mod.

Baudbag - a nice mod to put all your bags together as one. it takes up less real estate on your screen but shows what you have. There is also a nifty way to see what is in your bank when you are nowhere near it. :)

Fubar - to put necessary info (to you) where you can see it - like how much money you have, your framerate, and a lot of mods are accessible through this mod.

Tom Tom - one of the ways to put quests on easy mode - don't know where your mobs are to kill? Tom Tom does, will give you a nifty arrow and approximate distance as well. Just follow. :D

These are a few of my favorites. Will post screenshot of our UI so you can see in action. :cool:

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Wow, that is a nice clean UI.

I tried Auctioneer. Didn't care for it. Info overload and I generally did better just going with my gut.

Bartender confused the snot out of me.

I'll give the other's a try.

Mods I use:

Gatherer - keeps track of where you find ore, herbs and treasure - great for farming.

Quest Helper - tells ya where to go to complete your quests. Even shows you how to complete a bunch in once big circuit so you don't keep going back and forth.

I generally get my Mods from curse.com. What other sites do you use for mod acquisition?


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Curse.com is a good site to get mods but another that I would recommend would be wowinterface.com. To me it is a little more user friendly than curse but I guess I'm biased.

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I go to WoWInterface also... great resource. Don't forget to do your homework and see if you really need something. :cool: