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I was thinking we might get together once a week or so and do a flashpoint, such as Hammer Station, that requires a group. Would anyone be interested? What night and time would be best for you?
I'm all for any group stuff, from questing/helping, Heroics to Flashpoints; just say when.
I was having some issues with my account and didn't want to post anything until I was able to play again.
Do group flashpoints, like Hammer Station, allow up to 8 players? Or just 4? It says at least 4 recommended, but does it allow more? Anyone know? I have not done one of those as yet.
I'm not sure... but the last boss was really hard.
Tina and I breeze through the whole Hammer Station without problem with just the 2 of us and our companions EXCEPT for the last boss.
We died in like...1 minute, and we tried for more than 5 times already lol.
Let's plan for Sunday evening then. We should have no problem getting one group together, maybe two.
sorry guys...Tina and I were out having dinner with a friend, and we couldn't come back in time for flashpoint.
No problem. Noellah, Baric, and Albannach took on the mission and completed it. The last fight is indeed tuff, but we were all in our min twenties.

What does everyone think of scheduling days of the week for special days. For example, Flashpoint Fridays or Humpday Heroics (Wednesdays). On these days guild members will endeavor to help other members take on these mission types. This would help members avoid having a mission log full of heroics or flashpoints that they never got to do because there was no one to group at the time.

Or even days where we do crafting sessions and assist other members in getting good crafted equipement. Or get together and do gathering events to gather resources to be used for the guild as a whole.

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That sounds fun. I have a few heroics on Taris. Some of the 2+ heroics I've been able to solo if I'm a few levels above, but it would be more fun in a group. I like the idea of doing crafting events too. I have two crafts that require scavenging, but I opted to have one of the characters do slicing instead, so I have one toon that is doing the work for both. It's been hard keeping up with enough materials.
I am completely broke from crafting... currently have 15k credits lol
How does the crafting event work?

As for Heroics and Flashpoints...it would be better for both Tina and I if it was on a Tuesday or Thursday due to work/school reasons.

Zangetsu can craft force armors, but I only focus on heavy for now, since it's impossible to have all blues/purples for all 3 types of armor....
I am able to craft up to level 31 heavy armor, if anyone needs anything, but I need either credits... or materials to be able to help you craft...
I had the same problem. I was down to just a few hundred credits on each toon. I'm holding off on crafting until I get each of my three characters their speeder and three companions. By then, I should have a lot of materials from doing scavenging and archeology plus Missions skill leveling.