As Tek has mentioned, ToJ has web space available for us: This currently redirects to these forums, but if you go to, you can see what the Sith Empire side looks like.

It's great to hear that you are a web developer, rhematom. I would get in contact with Tek to see about building a site on the space (I'm sure he'd welcome any suggestions for the main page :) )
Already contacted him. Thanks. I am anxious to get started on it. :)
I need screen shots for the web site. Please send me your screen shots. The more the merrier. Any content writers out there?
The web site still needs work, but is not live. You can reach it at If you want to help in managing and maintaining the site, please send me an IM.

I plan to add an Event Calendar when we have enough players to start scheduling Heroics, Flashpoints and War Zones, etc. Please post any suggestions. They will be welcome.
Just a suggestion, the screen shot you have of the Guild Forums reflects your permissions, meaning you can see both the General Forum as well as the Officer's Forum rather than the common member only being allowed to see the General Forums. I'm not sure if you want the Officer's Forum advertised and right now the "Last Post" is only a Chapter Report reminder so it's not something critical, but it's just a thought that you might want to consider.

Also The Old Republic isn't properly capitalized in the Welcome blurb in the second paragraph.

Other than that though it looks slick! Super excited to see the way this site evolve and grow.
Do you need us to give you info so you could add the roster to each player?
oh and... do we need to register another account for the website?
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I am looking into ways to create a roster, hoping SWTOR will provide an armory interface or something. And I am not ready for you to start registering. However, if you do, please use the same user name as you do on ToJ so I can keep everyone straight.
Until BioWare comes out with a way to automatically update guild rosters for web sites, we are going to have to maintain this manually. I was thinking of creating a module that will allow a registered user to enter their character info for others to view. It would need to be kept up to date by the users.

I am open to any other suggestions. Thoughts?
I'm not sure if it's terribly necessary right now. It seems like a lot of work for a superfluous feature. I'd say wait and see what BioWare does before trying our own thing, that way they do the work for us, or we're in a more established and secure foundation and can make a decision from there. Right now I think it might suffice if we have a roster here on the forums just so we can match IGN names to CGA handles and if wanted we can just copy/paste that on the website for the time being.
For now there is no need for anyone to register on the guild web site, unless they are going to be helping maintain information on it.

That said, if anyone feels they could contribute, please let me know.
I added an event calendar to the web site and would like to get members to submit screenshots. If you have screenshots, you can send them to me and I will get them posted on the site.
For the forum link, can it just be a direct link instead of another page that shows a screenshot of the forum?

Just a suggestion :)
Ok, did that. But doing it this way I cannot open the forum site in a new window, which was my reasoning for the other way. Thoughts?
I can still open the forum in a new window. I am using Firefox. Basically right click and select "open in new window" or "open in new tab"

Or just hold ctrl+left click on the link

Both ways work for me
Let me know if this helps :)