Hey guys i just heard back from the other chirstian guild and it looks like they are going to the naima server so i think it would be great for us to be there with them. i know that they are going to be a west guild however have some players that would like to be east, and myself, zerbe and viking(their leader) are talking about making an east guild together for members that wish to be east. :)
any questions comment and ill try to anwser b4 launch.
24 hours to go :)
roughly 45 min till launch i hope to see you guys in game leave ur toon names here and we can get guild invites going. also feeel free to join us in TS :)
Good to see you guys coming over to Naima. I'm assuming the other guild is SOLA because we are there too.

Where are you folks planning on basing yourselves once in game?
we are in haycolme(sp) only place we could grab land land rush was rediculous but we got 2 small farms and a house down we working on large farm now.
and yeah sola :) my main is thranduil an elf pst me or comment ur names and ill get guild invites
For a minute I thought we would be on Tahyang on the West. I really didn't want to have 4 characters split between the two factions on the same server. :)

Yeah Naima! :D :D :D
Aww.. too bad you guys are not on Calliel or Kyrios.. I moved to Calliel because I missed out on land on Kyrios during the land rush, but still have toons there. Oh well. If you ever come to Calliel feel free to add Chayah and Adiya. On Kyrios I have Angelicae and Charisma.
I've started playing on this server since I now have a GPU that can handle the game pretty well. I'm still getting familiar with all the aspects and mechanics the game has to offer, but I think its pretty sweet so far (apart from dying thrice in a row)