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is anyone interested in doing RVR via voice over? I know of some use it a lot? Some are voice shy but, it would be more for command and control of units in the field. I think it would be effective. I have done a little RvR and its chaos and bad typing. I was thinking if we could get anywhere from five to ten to twenty on voice over we could effectively drill through most forces. I have been drawing up feasible battle plans on how to assault and defend with all types of Characters and I think it would be worthwhile to try it.

I was wondering if anyone was willing to co-op it. I would also need to get with some of the best RvRs we have email the battle plans and talk over whether the plans are gonna work and tweak the with our experts.

If this is something Our Guild wishes to do let me know. Post here but also e mail me at MontrezAnthony@hotmailcom. Put the .(dot) in yourself

We have a dedicated teamspeak server


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We have done this in the past. I personally do not have a mic and head phones. I am not against getting some, but not sure what my wife thinks.


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I probably have a few extras and could even send you a pair.( to Your Church addy) And Most folks have extra sets and a simple Headphone and Mike go for between $5-30 depending on your style, need and want. Most folks have more than a few lying around.

Most folks are voice shy and feel it’s just a game why do it. Well for one you do not have to speak as much as listen. Only few key people would be commanding the movements of a larger body.

So in General, lets pretend Icthus, Camm, and Odale are in ready to take a castle somewhere. If the whole Guild is with them. Then Icthus could direct teams 1 and 2, Cam could direct teams 3 and 4 and Odale could direct teams 5 and 6. Each team would have 5 members and command and control would be smooth.

Now I just randomly grabbed 3 peeps. In RvR we may find sleepers of Battle field organization. But Wait it get so much cooler! * WINK*, BIG W I N K *

Lets say you have some folks like, Danicas and Me and Our buddies (RL) Valixx/Dakait who is a members of Arthurian Knights. (This would Included EoE alliance.) We could have Our Guild in one channel and each guild in another channel and then a group like my house or the Myth Household, monitoring 2 to 4 channels. Communicating with other guild at the sometime.

So here we went for one team to a guild (30) peeps to effectively controlling at least 3-8 guilds in a battleground. Can you imagine in you could effectively communicate 80 ground troops, from Stealers, Archers, Arty and Tanks.

Now you BORDER BULLIES. *Whine* that will never happen, we can’t do it, nobody will listen. That sounds to much like work.


This can work and will work. The choice is do we lead the way with our Christian guild. Do we refine it, come up with feasible battle plans and train on the and hone them until we can take a force of 15-30 guildies and assault and keep and take it in record time against insurmountable odds or to we take it like a on the chin.

I think we can do this, we start small, and small groups let them learn each other. Train to work as a team. And slowly build it.

Its coming, we will accomplish this

I just wanted to get the word out.